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XAI token is part of the XDC/XRC20 network with the goal of generating long term income stream for investors through artificial intelligence trading applications and robots.

The goal of XAI is to deploy proven AI software/BOT that will actively trade forex, stocks, futures, and crypto while generating profits and producing long term income stream for investors. XAI will have the following features:

  • Total Supply: XAI will have a total of 200 million tokens
  • Profit Sharing: Investors will receive 20% of total profits generated each month from the AI trading account. Of which the team will buy XAI token in the open market and distribute to XAI stakers. This will further help stabilize the price of XAI as well as investors getting more XAI token. Our goal is to make it so that XAI will eventually be scarce in the open market.
  • Monthly XAI Bonus: For the first year, each month XAI will distribute 10k of XAI to stakers on our website on top of the 20% profit sharing. The distribution will be based on your stake XAI token vs the overall total.
  • Company Ownership: Seed and private investors will have the opportunities to be part owner of the overall company, 15% and 5% per investor class respectively. Every three (3) years , XAI will take 20% of the total profits over the course of 3 years and distribute to the seed and private investors who have retained his/her staked NFT. See section Early Investors Benefits and Incentives section below for more information.
  • Manual Burn:On a quarterly basis, XAI will use 10% of its total profit over the quarter to buy back XAI and manually burn the token (i.e., send the token to a burn/dead wallet)
  • Milestone Burn:XAI has two tier milestone burning mechanism for objectives achieved:
    • Wallets holding XAI:10k, 25k holders, 100k holders (burn will be 1M, 3M, 10M)
    • Trading Acct Value Exceeds Threshold:1M, 5M, 10M (burn will be 1M, 5M, 10M)
    • If all the above goals are met, then a total of 30 million (15% of supply) XAI tokens will be burnt
  • Deflationary token:Our goal is to reduce the total supply of tokens down to 50M over the span of five years.
  • Staking:Investors have to stake their XAI token on our website in order to earn the 20% profit sharing as noted in bullet #2 above. A snapshot will be taken daily thorughout the month for each investor’s wallet and the total amount of XAI that he/she has staked. The overall average of stake amount for the month will the be calculated as a percentile of the profit split NOTE: Seed and Private investors token in the NFT will also get the monthly profit sharing withouth having to stake them on our website.


XAI seeks to solve the issues pertaining to everyday trading – emotion. As many experience traders know, trading involves a lot of risks and emotion. As human we tend to not act in the best interest when we are emotional/anxious/stress. Therefore, having the AI making the trade will cut out the emotion and will act rationally as the market moon or crashed. In additional XAI seek to pool investors’ money together to trade as one active account which can further reduces the risks. Many new investors tend to have limited funds and blowup their accounts (i.e., account goes to ZERO) or get emotional and sell at a lost. XAI will also allow small investors to take part in the growth where he/she can invest in the pool for as little as a $1 or as much as hundreds of thousands.

why XAI

XAI will also allow small investors to take part in the growth where he/she can invest in the pool for as little as a $1 or as much as hundreds of thousands. Overall, the goal of XAI is to help everyone earn a monthly income stream for the long run regardless of how much money they can invest and not having the anxiety or stress when trading the market. Below is the performance of the AI bot trading’s performance over the past four plus years achieving over 5000% growth. As one can see the AI Bot continues to have consistent performance and provide investors with a great rate of return. On average the AI bot rate of return is around 5-10% each month. XAI looks to deploy more proven AI technology to further enhanced the rate of return for all investors.

NOTE:Past performance is no guarantee of future results.



AI Expansion

As one can see from the graph above, the current AI Bot grows as 2x on annual basis. XAI have 2 additional AI Bots that can help further increase the rate of return. We intend to grow XAI portfolio as a portfolio of different AI Bot that will trade various markets thus the ROI will continue to increase over time.

Manage High Networth Individual Accounts

XAI will also work with high networth individuals ($500k+ in assets or $100k readily available to open the trade account) to help set up and manage these individuals accounts and in return will earn a commission based on an agreed rate of the total profits. No profits no commission guaranteed. This will further increase revenue streams for XAI foundation.

Subscription Services

People can also choose to subscribe to XAI signal alerts that can and will autoexecute the same trades custom to their account for a monthly subscription fee.


Below is the breakdown of the planned roll out of tokenomics and sales:

  • XAI is committed to ensure adequate liquidity to DEX and minimize slippage as the XDC network grows. With that being said the first pool of LP will be from $100-150k depending on the amount of fund raised during the initial sales and will be locked for 5 years.
  • 10% towards acquisition and licensing of the AI software & infrastructure
  • Remainder of fund will be deposited to an investment account to run the AI bot to generate profits for investors.

The public price will be $0.05 cent/XAI when listed on the XSPSWAP. Of the total amount of money raised minus any fees from launching services, XAI is committed to the following:

  • XAI is committed to ensure adequate liquidity to DEX and minimize slippage as the XDC network grows. With that being said the first pool of LP will be from $100-150k depending on the amount of fund raised during the initial sales and will be locked for 5 years.
  • 10% towards acquisition and licensing of the AI software & infrastructure
  • Remainder of fund will be deposited to an investment account to run the AI bot to generate profits for investors.
  • Team token will be locked for 3 years
    • After 3 years, team will be able to withdraw 200k tokens/month.

Early Investors Token Sales:

The seed sales will have a minimum investment requirement of $5,000 and max hard cap of $25,000.

The private sales will have a minimum of $1,000 and the max hard cap of $5,000.


Early Investors’ Benefits and Incentives:

Company Ownership:

As part of the early investors (seed investors, private) the following benefits will be granted to each class of investors:

  • Seed Investors oOwns 15% of company’s total assets
  • Private Investors oOwns 5% of company’s total assets
  • Annual Bonus: At the discretion of the foundation and project team on an annual basis, a one-time special bonus consisting of 3-5% of the total annual profits will be airdrop to seed private investors in the form of XAI.

In the event that the company need to liquidate its assets and after satisfying all debt, the remainder asset values will be divided among the investors who believed in the company from the start. For example, say the company worth $100M and has $25M in debt which leaves the company with $75M as asset value. Of the $75M, 15% will be split among the Seed Investors so in this case a total of $11.5M will be divide among seed investors based on the total number of tokens he/she originally purchased against 50M seed funding tokens offered. Same goes for private investors who will split the 5% of the remaining assets.

NOTE: Seed and Private Investors will receive an NFT as their proof of purchase and ownership. All the XAI token bought will need to be staked into the NFT in order to claim the NFT. Holders of this NFT will gain all the benefits noted above and future benefits as XAI grow and expand. Should NFT owner decides to break the NFT in order to sell the XAI tokens that is staked inside, then he/she also gives up the ownership of the company and benefits noted above. The monthly profit sharing as well as the 3 years profit sharing XAI token will be distributed to the investor’s wallet. He/she can choose to stake the XAI token in their NFT to further increase their 3 years profit sharing bonus as it will be divided among all the owner class total XAI token stake. Or they can also choose to stake in the regular monthly profit sharing on our website.

Investment Growth Example at 10%/month

why XAI

The above table illustrate an example of investing $100,000 and the AI bot returns 10%/month and the profit sharing allocated to XAI investors. As stated above, seed and private investors also own a part of the company and account. Thus, in the above scenario the seed and private investors’ ownership in the company also grew (from $15,000 to $37,772 for seed investors and from $5,000 to 12,590 for private investors). The total profit-sharing payout is $37,954 which is well above the 37% due to monthly compounding and profits earning more profits.


Given the above scenario, imagine XAI reaching a portfolio of much higher values and the profit sharing to all XAI stakers. Below is an example of the potential profits and earnings at different levels.

Therefore, as the account size increases, the values and return to XAI investors will also greatly increases year over year. As XAI grows, the team and foundation will expand to other projects and diversify to further help investors as well as local charities will greatly benefits as 15% of total profits in the millions will be able to impact many lives to come.

Below are actual screen shots of live account’s performance that XAI team has ran in the past year and the ROI just from running 1 AI BOT:


As seen in the screen shot above, the AI Bot has been running for a little over a year and has already provided over 200% ROI.


About XAI Foundation

XAI team members have over 30 plus years in the banking industry and IT. For the past 5 years we have researched to find the best AI for automated trading that provides the best ROI. This offering is meant to further expand the reach to individuals and our objective is to help lift people off poverty through investing. We recognize that trading is not meant for everyone and thus look to AI to solve this problem. Anyone can be involved and joined XAI via this unique project and will continue to earn income. Also, they will have the opportunities for a great investment return as XAI token appreciate over the years along with the invested accounts and different revenue streams.


Charity & Philanthropy

At XAI, our team wants to give back to local community and helping the less fortunate. On an annual bases the team may use the allocated foundation tokens or withdraw some profits from the investment accounts to help local charities. The foundation will donate up to 15% of the total annual profits from the trading account to charities focusing on helping poor children or orphans. In addition, our goal is to lift people off of poverty through investing as well as local communityinvestments in which we plan to be actively involved in the future as well as otherprojects to add values to XAI

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does staking works?
Investors will need to stake their XAI token on our website. Each month our automated software will capture the total number of wallets that staked and the total number of coins in each wallet. Then the 20% profits from the trading account will be split out among the stakers based on the total amount of XAI he/she staked vs the total XAI staked. Profit sharing will be distributed in XAI tokens for the equivalent dollar amount (i.e., XAI current price is .20 cent and profit sharing is $1, then the investor will receive 5 XAI tokens).
2. How long do I have to stake?
To prevent people from gaming the system (i.e., buy and stake XAI on the day of the snapshot and turn around to sell after receiving the profit share), our software will compare current month snapshot vs last month’s snapshot. If your wallet/account was not in the last month’s snapshot, then you will not qualify for the profit sharing.
3. What happened once all the ecosystem token have been distributed?
If the amount of XAI token in the ecosystem runs out, XAI can either 1) buy XAI in open market and distribute to the stake or 2) XAI will buy XDC coin and distributed to stakers.
4. What are the risks with this project?
All investments involved risk; thus, you should only invest what you can afford to lose after you conduct all your due diligence. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.